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Scuba Certification

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Our CO-ED One Week Scuba Certification program is our mainstay, but we train through pro level  in our ultra-small Seattle scuba classes.   4 students per class creates safe, competent divers. You’ll find our classes at our brick and mortar store – Scuba Shoppe      (and yes…we do teach guys!)

Scuba Vacations

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We believe it’s easier to go on vacation when every detail is handled.  Join us on one of our instructor-led trips or let our full time travel team arrange your personal dive vacation.

Scuba Gear

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We are the go-to for everything “girl” in scuba.  We know it’s a lifestyle…not just a sport.  We’re a little bit mermaid, craving sand in our hair and salt on our skin. We want you to rock the fact that you’re a girl…and in the 1% that drops beneath the waves.


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Want to know the latest happenings at GirlDiver International?  Here’s where we share our musings, memories and major announcements.  Keeping you inspired…it’s our mission.

GirlDiver started out as a lifestyle brand for women in scuba.  Then, the recession happened.  So, to keep the lights on, GirlDiver built a co-ed scuba instruction program under the GirlDiver brand.  It grew.  A storefront was added.  The question still remained…”Do you teach men?”  With our growing space and business came a new name and brand to match the “other side” of our ambitions.  Enter – Scuba Shoppe.  It is a world class dive center and scuba shop. We havescuba shop the latest scuba gear, can provide you with all levels of scuba certification, and can whisk you away on the scuba travel adventure of your dreams on one of our many instructor-led trips. We look forward to seeing you in our new shop and on our new website –  Now…GirlDiver can get back to the business of promoting the sport for women…all over the world.